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The wires of a home act like its nerve system, sending the crucial current to power all kinds of lights and appliances. The more often these wires are used, the more likely they will begin to wear out. Our team at Absolute Power Electrical Contractors makes it our highest goal to keep residents and their families safe. From installing brand new wiring for a home that is just being built, or replacing faulty, old wiring, we can provide secure solutions. Just ask us more about our trustworthy wiring and rewiring in San Antonio.

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Choosing the Right Wiring for Your Home

Many wiring materials are available for homeowners these days, and it can be difficult to tell the difference without years of training. However, it is helpful to know some of the general distinctions to make a proper selection, especially when starting construction from the ground up. Depending on where the wiring is going to be installed, as well as its purpose, residents will require different wires to perform distinct tasks.

For example, “non-metallic” or NM wire is particularly common to find inside a house. For this wire, at least two wires are coated with a strong cover of plastic, hence its name. The cable holds at least a neutral wire in addition to a current wire, and often a ground wire too. Other parts of the home, like garages, crawl spaces, and other unfinished places will require different wires, such as THHN or THWN insulated wiring. These wires have unique color coding, so they do not get mixed with other wiring. Although this can be very complicated, having a knowledgeable electrician on hand can clarify these terms and when they are used. 

Signs You Need to Rewire Your San Antonio Home

If residents start to experience problems in their electrical network, it is important to have these checked out right away. When the wires are not replaced quickly, they will not only lead to continually tripped breakers but could even cause electrical shock or fires.

Signs that it is time to rewire your home include: 

  • A continual smell of burning metal or melted rubber
  • Sockets and switches that have changed color (often brown, yellow, or black)
  • Outlets that looked scorched around the edges
  • Breakers that are repeatedly tripped or fuses that are consistently blown
  • Lights that will suddenly dim and get bright again
  • Sockets that are loose or hanging out of the outlet
  • Strange crackling noises coming from the wires
  • Visible signs of frayed, chewed, or cut wiring

Our experts at Absolute Power Electrical Contractors are devoted to keeping homeowners safe. We can offer a detailed inspection to figure out the next steps for replacing old, unsafe wiring in your house.

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