It is hard to pinpoint which electrical component is most important, but panels definitely serve a critical purpose. Although electrical panels are designed to be powerful and long-lasting, they unfortunately undergo a lot of use day and night. This continual wear and tear will have a damaging effect on the system. The good news is that Absolute Power Electrical Contractors is here to help. 

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Identifying Electrical Panel Issues

No one wants to replace a panel before its expiration date, so it is crucial to call an expert at the earliest signs of trouble. Proactive interventions will also protect residents from accidental electrical shocks.

Contact our San Antonio electricians if you notice:

  • The lights keep flickering in and out, regardless of the weather
  • Using more than one appliance at a time constantly trips the breaker
  • The breaker box shows burnt residue or blackened spots
  • Small electric shocks occur whenever the light switches or outlets are touched
  • Nasty smells of burning metal are coming from the outlets or the breaker
  • The panel is making strange crackling, sparking, or hissing noises
  • Appliances tend to overheat, no matter what size they are

Electrical Panel Permit Requirements in Texas

To replace an electrical panel in Texas, you must obtain a permit from your local city. Depending on the work type and jurisdiction, this may require hiring a licensed electrician familiar with local codes and regulations to help ensure the safety of your property and family.

Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

Many people assume that the issues mentioned above will only occur if their electrical panel is well-used. Indeed, it definitely is true that older models of panels are more prone to these kinds of problems. However, new systems are not always protected from such issues either. For example, if the unit was incorrectly installed and wires are loose, it is highly capable of tripping the breakers. Alternatively, the appliances being plugged in may require too much power for a low-grade panel to channel. In either scenario, the system will need to be replaced with an upgrade that can handle more sensitive, “power-hungry” appliances.

One final cause for an upgrade would be if the panel is an unsafe brand. For example, any panels that had been designed by Federal Pacific have now been banned precisely because they were so hazardous. These panels failed to trip the breaker when it became overheated or overloaded.

Installation Timeline for New Electrical Panels

When seeking a new panel installation or replacement, it is a good idea to consider how much time the project will take to start planning your schedule. Generally, replacing a single panel will take about four to eight hours, but installing a new panel from the start can take longer. This is because electricians must set up the wiring throughout the home as well, which can take a few days to a week. For more detailed estimations about your individual home, speak to our experts at Absolute Power Electrical Contractors.

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