Whole-Home Surge Protection in San Antonio

Power surges can occur when severe weather causes a sudden drop in power supply, or when something damages the power grid outside your home. These surges can enter your home through the utility line and can damage appliances, electronics, and lighting systems. Protect your entire home from these surges with whole-home surge protection from Absolute Power Electrical Contractors. Our family-owned company has been serving the community for over a decade and we make the process fast, affordable, and hassle-free.

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How Do Surge Protectors Work?

A whole-home surge protector operates as a gatekeeper to your home electrical system, permitting only the necessary amount of electricity to power your appliances and devices. When a surge, often caused by a lightning strike or power grid fluctuation, sends an excessive voltage through the lines, the surge protector swiftly intervenes. It either blocks or reroutes the surplus voltage to the ground, thereby shielding your home's electrical system and the devices connected to it from potential damage. This efficient and immediate response ensures the longevity of your equipment and safeguards your home from dangerous electrical fires.

What Is the Difference Between a Strip Surge Protector & a Whole-Home Surge Protector?

While both strip surge protectors and whole-home surge protectors serve to protect your electrical devices from power surges, the manner and extent of their protection significantly differ.

A strip surge protector, or power strip, is a portable device that plugs into a standard electrical outlet. It offers multiple outlets for you to plug in various devices, providing a basic level of protection against minor power surges. However, their protection capabilities are limited to the devices directly connected into them. Moreover, not all power strips are surge protectors. Some are simply extension cords providing additional outlets without any surge protection at all.

On the other hand, a whole-home surge protector is hard-wired to your electrical service box, offering comprehensive protection for your entire electrical system. It safeguards all connected appliances and devices within your home simultaneously, including those not typically connected to a power strip like your HVAC system, refrigerator, and built-in appliances. These devices respond to surges more quickly and effectively than strip surge protectors, shielding your home from both minor and major surges originating from inside or outside the house. This superior degree of protection helps prolong the life of your electrical devices and prevents costly damage to your home's electrical system.

San Antonio’s Trusted Surge Protector Installers

Our team at Absolute Power Electrical Contractors knows how frustrating power fluctuations can be, particularly if they play havoc on your appliances or electronics. That’s why we offer fast, affordable, and reliable whole-home surge protector installation throughout San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

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